Recipe: How to Cook a Proper Steak

We like our Ribeye and NY Strip Steaks medium-rare or medium. If you like your steak done well, stop reading this. Here are The Curmudgeon’s and his daughter Maddie’s tips:

  • You only flip that steak once
  • So, stop flipping the meat back and forth
  • Look at the center of your steak and wait for juices to begin to well up, like little drops
  • If you like your steak medium-rare, then flip it as soon as juice first begin to appear
  • If you like it medium, wait about a minute after juice begin to well
  • After your single flip, let the steak grill or pan fry until juices well in the center again.
  • Touch the middle of the steak, and it should feel like your lower cheek below your cheekbone for medium-rare.  It will feel like your cheek on your upper cheekbone for medium.
  • Pull steak(s) and place on a platter or cutting board and let rest a minimum of 5 minutes.
  • Salt and pepper steaks to taste.
  • Do not serve or cut into steak until a full 5 minutes of resting has occurred.
  • Serve and thoroughly enjoy.