Recipe: ‘Opposites Attract’ – Avocado with Vinaigrette and Grapefruit ⁠

Proof that opposites do attract, this recipe combines the rich texture of avocado as a foil against the tart sweetness of grapefruit. My marriage is kind of an opposites attract scenario – the overly-friendly and chatty Californian falls for the always socially distancing New Yorker (He likes his alone time). I’m the avo and he’s the grapefruit. 30+ years later, we’re still a tasty combo.

We had this for late breakfast today but it could easily be lunch or just a yummy snack. An after-school snack is how my hubby The Curmudgeon remembers the avocado part of this recipe. His French mother would never just put out cookies and milk. She’d have a whole avocado waiting with a bit of vinaigrette in the cavity with a bit of crusty bread. Me? Captain Crunch was my afterschool go to. I’m keeping this super simple so, in these complex times, you can too.


  • 1 each whole, ripe avocado, cut in half. Fine to leave the skin on. KISS is our motto!
  • Drizzle to taste the best extra-virgin olive oil you have on hand into the cavity of each avocado half
  • Drizzle to taste your favorite vinegar in your pantry: red wine, white wine, sherry or Balsamic
  • 1 each individual scallion, diced OR use diced shallots, red onions or garlic
  • To taste salt and pepper


  1. ½ each grapefruit, sectioned by using a pairing or steak knife to cut each section for easy eating
  2. Optional pomegranate seeds sprinkled on grapefruit
  3. “Marry” these two tropical cousins on a plate. Eat. That’s it.
  4. Butttttttt, if you want to go ‘fancy pants’ you can slice the avocado and grapefruit into sections (this can be tedious and take time, but if you have time, go for it). Alternate a row of avocado slices with a row of grapefruit slices. Then do the same thing with drizzling of olive oil and vinegar with dashes of salt and pepper.