Recipe: Perfect Roast Turkey Tips

Lyle’s mom gets the credit for this recipe which has become a yearly tradition in our family. It’s so easy and there are no measurements because each bird is different and everyone likes flavors a little differently. Go with your gut and enjoy!


  • Thawed turkey (size up to you)
  • Sea salt
  • Olive oil
  • Butter (more than you think you need!)
  • Cheesecloth


  1. massage sea salt into the skin of the entire turkey – with a bit of olive oil if you’d like.
  2. Melt a pound of butter and then dredge an entire packet of cheesecloth in that melted deliciousness.
  3. Wrap the whole bird like a mummy with the cheesecloth, including over the legs. Drizzle some additional butter on the exterior of the cheesecloth.
  4. Roast normally in a 325 to 350 degree oven.
  5. Throughout roasting, about once every 45 minutes, drizzle with melted butter and pan drippings.
  6. When the turkey is fully roasted (the legs will wiggle really easily and when you place a knife at wear leg bone meets breast the juices run clear), remove from the oven, and do a final basting of butter and pan juices.
  7. Let the turkey rest up to a half-hour with a tent of foil before carving. This allows juices to well up and will make for a moister bird.