Recipe: Peaches & Mint in Sparkling Wine

Who dares to turn on the oven to bake treats when it is this hot outside? No one! End your next summer dinner with this Italian traditional summer dessert. No need for quantities as it is so beautifully simple. Enjoy organic peaches from our many farmer friends in Hotchkiss and Paonia, CO (sold at Sol Market in Arroyo Seco) or from farmer Alajandro from Velarde whose stand is adjacent to ours at market.


  • Ripe Peaches, skin on and rinsed under water
  • White, Granulated Sugar
  • Fresh Mint, leaves minced
  • Gruet Sparking Wine or Italian Prosecco of choice


  • One hour before serving dessert, slice peaches into 1” thick slices and place in a bowl; sprinkle generously with sugar and toss well. Let sit for at least one hour at room temperature. Find your prettiest goblets or cocktail glasses and set aside.
  • When ready to serve, add mint and sparkling wine to the bowl of peaches and cover peaches so there is enough for half of a goblet of the mixture for each glass. Scoop the peaches into each goblet and then ladle the wine over the peaches in each goblet. Add a small sprig of mint as a garnish if you wish.
  • Serve with a favorite cookie or a local Chokala’ Truffle.

NOTE: Feel free to swap out strawberries for peaches when they are in peak season.